'Pure' is a limited edition 30x26cm, 116 page hardcover book featuring some of my favourite images from across Kangaroo Island. Kangaroo Island is like nowhere else in the world. I have spent many weeks on this stunning island capturing its natural beauty. It is literally my favourite place on earth. When the recent fires swept through KI, I was absolutely shattered. Places I adored, would not look the same for a very long time - and the wildlife population has been decimated.

I have very little to offer during times like this, but what I do have is my photos. I believe in the power of art and photography to inspire, heal, celebrate. and bring awareness. After a day of mourning I came up with the idea of bringing the favourite KI photos of my career to life in a brand new coffee table book. The book will hopefully remind people who have been of the beauty that was and that will return again - and will show people who haven't been what an incredible pristine place Kangaroo Island is.

The book is currently under production and I am expecting arrival of stock in July. Please click on the shopping cart icon below to pre-order.